Letters from Alice

“Alice in Wonderland” – 15 October 2013

In Letters from Alice // 2013.10.15 //

Mbantua Festival was a real treat …. traditional dancers rarely seen from mobs all over territory, spear throwing …. art and craft, including on classic bush canvases …. car bonnet lids, discussion groups, good tucker and two great concerts including Missy Higgins, Jessica Mauboy, Warren Williams and bands ….

Back to work really makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland …. last week had to convince another psychologist that interpreters were needed when doing a mental health assessment on someone who could not speak English! …. and that checking the credentials of someone making a recommendation for someone to be committed as an involuntary mental health patient was not being “unreasonable and difficult”….

Just spoke to colleague on phone who recently fled the territory after many years to take up a senior position interstate …. she always thought things were really bad in terms of accepted professional practice in the NT which is why she left , but is now realising how much worse it really was now she is back in mainstream interstate ….

Nice to have it confirmed that I am not the problem here ….

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