Louise Samways

Best Selling Author and Consulting Psychologist

Louise is a Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker. Her books and lectures cover a wide range of social and personal development issues in a very easy to read style.
As well as media tours of Australia and New Zealand she is often consulted by journalists and widely interviewed for TV, Print ,and Radio presenters including ACA, Lateline, Midday Show, Bert Newton, Kerry O’Brien, Alan Jones, Neil Mitchell, Margaret Throsby, Geraldine Doogue, Derryn Hinch, Helen Razer and Jeremy Cordeaux ABC Radio Local and National e.g “All in the Mind.”
Louise has also been a guest panellist on TV comedy shows. She and her books have featured in all of Australia’s major metropolitan newspapers, and National Magazines eg The Bulletin, Vogue and New Women.


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This book explains how cults and personal development courses operate, and the mind-control techniques they use on recruits. It describes how these types of organisations ensure their message is continually reinforced, and how people become unable to question the group’s demands or to break away from it. Louise offers practical help and advice to the victims and their families, alerts readers about how approaches are made, and suggests strategies for avoiding them.
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Based on recent medical and psychological research Louise reveals the 12 secrets of health and happiness. The secrets are not complex or elusive: they are simple, successful skills and strategies you can learn, to make your goal of true health and happiness a reality.
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Your Mindbody Energy (Viking O’Neil/Penguin) Your Mindbody Energy is a practical guide to becoming aware of the electromagnetic energy field of your own body, known as ‘chi’ by the Chinese, ‘prana’ by the Hindus, Psychic Energy by Jung. The book provides you with simple techiniques to use this energy to “recharge your batteries.” find answers to deep-seated problems, and to promote physical and psychological health and healing.
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The Chemical Connection explains how chemical sensitivities can have a profound and alarming effect on our social, emotional and intellectual development. It also discusses what we can do about it.  The book offers a range of sensible and practical precautions we can take to minimise our chemical exposure, and encourages us to choose the least chemically hazardous options.
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Overseas studies have shown that the indoor air of the average home can have up to five times more chemical pollution than a typical industrial area with concentrations of some carcinogenic substances 100 times greater than the outdoor environment. In The Non-Toxic House Louise gives detailed advice on eliminating pollutants from the home.
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In this book Louise explores controversial questions in a lively, entertaining and very easy to read style. Highly informative, this enlightening book provides a blueprint of what we can do to unite all Australians. This book is not available as a download. However an overview of this topic is to be found in Louise’s article Multiculturalism, Identity & Social Cohesion.