The Chemical Connection Greenhouse/Penquin 1989

Do you feel ‘spaced out’ after using strong household cleaners or a photocopier? Do you feel sick while having your car filled up with petrol or do you love the smell and can’t get enough of it? Do you get headaches or ache all over after a day in the city?


Since World War Two, our bodies have been assaulted by a barrage of previously unknkown physical hazards – thousands of new chemicals in our air, water and food; electromagnetic radiation and changes in ultra-violet light conditions.

The Chemical Connection explains how chemical sensitivities can have a profound and alarming effect on our social, emotional and intellectual development. It also discusses what we can do about it. The book offers a range of sensible and practical precautions we can take to minimise our chemical exposure, and encourages us to choose the least chemically hazardous options – or demand that satisfactory alternatives be made available.

At the time this book was written Louise was a director of an Environmental Health Centre in Melbourne. A clinical psychlogist, specialising in clinical nutrition and environmental health, she used her experiences during over ten years of practice in these fields to write this book.

Louise’s first book was a pioneer in showing the link between common household chemicals and insidious physical and psychological symptoms causing physical illness, behaviour changes and learning difficulties in children and adults. The book explains this link and gives a comprehensive guide to diagnosis, dietary guidelines and ways of minimising chemicals in your home.

Although written for the general public this book has had enormous impact on the attitudes of health professionals, teachers and industry. Although written in 1989 his book is even more relevant today.

Available as free down load, read online. Also in many Australian libraries.

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