The Non-Toxic House – Allen and Unwin 1991

Overseas studies have shown that the indoor air of the average home can have up to five times more chemical pollution than a typical industrial area with concentrations of some carcinogenic substances 100 times greater than the outdoors!


Almost all of our household and workplace furnishings and surfaces – as well as our clothing, toiletries, cleaners, food and drinking water – contain often harmful chemicals. With poor ventilation, dampness, dust and pollution from tobacco smoke it is increasingly evident that our homes and workplaces may be the cause of many mental and physical problems.

And the dangers of electro-magnetic radiation from everyday appliances, internal wiring and overhead power lines are now just being acknowledged.

But as psychologist Louise Samways, author of the best-selling The Chemical Connection, shows there are solutions to many of these problems.

In The Non-Toxic House she gives detailed advice on eliminating pollutants from the home and examines:

  • siting, building structure and design of the house
  • materials used in furnishings, heating and cooling systems and clothing and bedding
  • safe alternatives for cleaners, toiletries
  • control of household pests

There is a detailed section on gardening using non-toxic materials and organic methods and a complete resource list of helpful organisations.

This book was written at the request of readers of “The Chemical Connection” wanting more information on how to minimise not just chemicals in the home but electromagnetic field exposure at home and in the workplace.

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