Your Mind Body Energy Viking O’Neil – Penquin 1992

From us and to us energy flows constantly. Our bodies are aerials caeselessly transmitting and revceiving information from the whole universe. Today, the new science of biophysics is rediscovering the natural energy fields of the body, which ancient civilisations and traditional peoples have long understood and used for health and well-being.


Louise Samways believes strongly that everyone can learn how to tune into their inner energy field, and that the knowledge should not be a highly priced secret available only through dubious organisations. She shows how, by combining modern science with ancient knowledge, you can use the natural energy fields to control your mindbody and become a happier, healthier, more confident and more relaxed person.

Your Mindbody Energy is a practical guide to accessing the power within yourself. It provides you with simple techiniques to recharge your batteries, to find answers to deep-seated problems, and to promote physical and psychological health and healing in yourself and others.

Teach yourself techniques for mobilising the mindbody’s own healing response. The Japanese system called Reiki is just one of the systems you can teach your self from this book.

The book is particularly interesting in the way it shows the connection between many ancient beliefs like those of the Australian Aborigines, American Indians, Chinese and Japanese cultures and modern scientific thinking.

It also teaches extraordinarily effective new healing techniques from psycho-neuroimmunology and biophysics.

A unique book, written by someone able to make research easy to understand and use.

Available as free download, read on line. Also available in many Australian libraries

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