The 12 secrets of Health and Happiness – Penguin 1997

Do other people and circumstances seem to have control over your health and hapiness? Do you feel that health and happiness are things you chase but never find, things that always seem to happen to someone else?


You may be surprised (and relieved!) to learn that health and happiness can have little to do with what’s actually going on in your life. Being healthy and happy is not particular to your age or to some stage in your life. As long as basic needs for emotional and physical safety are met you can feel healthier and happier – NOW!

In this fascinating book, clinical health psychologist Louise Samways reveals 12 secrets of health and happiness, which only recently have become properly understood. The secrets are not complex or elusive: they are simple, successful skills and strategies you can learn, to make your goal of true health and happiness a reality.

“Top self help book for 1997″ – The Herald-Sun. Translated into European and Asian languages and sold extensively overseas

Instead of focussing on depression and unhappiness this book reveals the secrets of healthy and happy people discovered by recent research. Lots of simple exercises so that you can immediately feel healthier and happier . Includes inspiring stories of people who have become happy and healthier despite tragedy and serious illness.

Available as free download, read on line. Also available in many Australian libraries.

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